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Permanent residence in Turkey

An increasing number of people from different parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, work or even find peace for their retirement and are looking for residency in Turkey. If you want to live in Turkey or have your own business or buy a property, you can plan a move to Turkey by knowing the cost of living in Turkey. Obtaining full residence in Turkey is a legal residence permit for foreign citizens based on certain obligations and regulations.

The Turkish residence card gives you the right to stay in this country for a certain period of time. The conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey are as follows: You can obtain a temporary residence permit in Turkey and an annual residence permit in Turkey in certain ways, such as a tourist stay in Turkey, a job stay, a residence permit in Turkey without investment, a residence permit with a work permit, and if extended. Obtain residency and residency, Turkish residency and citizenship.

The best way to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport

Foreign nationals who purchase property worth $ 250,000 or more will be allowed to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing the property. Due to the growing popularity of customers and those interested in buying property in Turkey with a price of over $ 250,000 and obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of property, many questions are asked about the process of buying property from the Royal Trust. For this reason, in this section, we will explain the process of obtaining citizenship through the purchase of property in Turkey in detail and step by step.

The first stage of work begins with the selection of the desired property. Note that the purchased property must be purchased from the company or the owner of the property who is a Turkish citizen. According to the basic rules in this section, the deposit must be made directly from the investor’s account outside Turkey to the seller’s account inside Turkey. If due to the special circumstances of some countries such as Iran that it is not possible to deposit money with these conditions, they commented. According to this note, these citizens can transfer money to their account in Turkey through exchange offices and then transfer from their account in Turkey to the bank account of the seller of the property. You usually need to stay in Turkey to open an account, but a lawyer can help you open a bank account without having to stay.

Before you can receive your title deed, a government official must certify your property and specify your degree number. This part of the process is very important because the amount of property to be an expert must be very close to your purchase price and over $ 250,000, and at this stage the presence of a lawyer is very much needed, and this is our specialty.

At the time of naming the document, the lawyer oversees the mortgage process to ensure that it is done properly and that a three-year mortgage is placed on your property to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing the property. After the naming process is completed, your documents will be sent to Ankara by a lawyer to begin the process.

After that, you will go to the relevant chamber of commerce with the lawyer and you will be interviewed in the section related to foreign investors and you will receive residence cards for investors. On these cards, the residence of the investors is mentioned. After that, the rest of your documents, including translations of your documents, will be completed by a lawyer. After about 3 to 4 months, your citizenship card will be received from the Turkish Population Office and you will be a Turkish citizen.

Tips on permanent residence in Turkey by buying a property

  • Property ownership in Turkey can only be verified by registering with the land registry.
  • In early real estate contracts, which are drawn up by notaries or concluded in writing by natural persons, the transfer of property is not possible by itself and acts only as an obligation to transfer ownership.
  • Mortgages, collateral and similar types of restrictions that may exist on the purchased property and prevent the sale of the property should be checked before starting work in the relevant registry office.
  • Basic information about real estate in Turkey, including its current status, is available online from anywhere in the world from reputable property purchase sites in Turkey, but the owner’s personal information is inaccessible.
  • Foreign citizens who have paid for their stay in Turkey by purchasing a property do not need a visa to enter the country and are allowed to stay in Turkey by law, with the possibility of extending their stay in the country.
  • As a natural or legal person who intends to buy a property in Turkey, you must go to the General Registry Office of Turkey together with the owner of the property.
  • Natural persons of foreign origin may not purchase or lease real estate in military restricted areas or military security areas.

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Turkey by Buying a Property

  • Possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport for property owners and family members
  • Possibility of permanent residence in Turkey
  • Possibility to use the dual citizenship advantage through Turkuaz card
  • Full health and government insurance services
  • Possibility of studying for free in Turkey and using the right of university repayment
  • Enjoy voting rights and pensions
  • Possibility to rent the purchased property and earn foreign exchange income
  • No need for permanent residence in Turkey
  • Quick issuance of Turkish residence card and passport (30 working days)
  • Possibility to travel to more than 70 countries without the basic need to obtain and pass the visa process through a Turkish passport
  • Increased chances of success in the process of obtaining world-renowned visas such as Canadian and Schengen visas through Turkish citizenship
  • Possibility of opening an international MasterCard and Visa card international bank account

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship

  • Identity card (birth certificate) official translation, approval of the Ministry of Justice, approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approval of the Turkish Embassy (all these cases will be done by a valid translation agency in Iran)
  • Translation of the marriage certificate with the approval of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the approval of the Turkish Embassy
  • Original passports and identity cards and marriage certificate
  • 6 photos for each person
  • Deposit receipt directly to the manufacturer’s account (meaning the same amount of investment)
  • Property document in the amount of $ 250,000
  • Power of attorney to a Turkish lawyer for action
  • Property Value Certificate
  • Duration of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Duration of the Turkish citizenship process

The period for obtaining citizenship is between three months and four months. The steps are as follows:

  • Contract with a lawyer
  • Confirmation will be received three to four weeks later.
  • One month later, the investment residence card is obtained.

After receiving the card, a citizenship card and a passport will be sent to your announced address for a maximum of two months.

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