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permanent residency

Permanent residence packages allow you and your dependents to live and study in any of the EU countries, including France, Italy and Germany.

Paphos is a hub for investors and entrepreneurs, mostly from Europe; But other nationalities are also active in the city. Paphos is one of the safest areas of the island with its attractive environment and nature. The city of Paphos is also one of the best choices for buying property.

Permanent residence in Cyprus

Buy a property worth at least 300 thousand euros

  • Obtaining a permanent Cyprus visa
  • Applicant parents can apply for permanent residence in Cyprus.
  • A stable and secure jurisdiction governed by British and European standards.
  • No need to renew your permanent residence permit
  • The applicant is allowed to establish a company in Cyprus.
  • No need for physical residence (at least 24 hours every two years)
  • Free education in public schools or international English language schools
  • This program includes affiliates under the age of 25 who are studying full time.
  • Relatives must be single.

Benefits of permanent residence in Cyprus

  • Approval rate and issuance of permanent residence permit 100%
  • Permanent residence permits are issued for a short period of three weeks to two months.
  • Your investment will be completely safe during the process of applying for permanent residence.
  • No inheritance tax
  • Low crime rate. Cyprus is one of the 5 safest countries in the world.
  • Higher education system
  • Excellent public and private health services
  • Freedom to visit more than 150 countries without a visa
  • The lowest tax rate in Europe. The corporate tax is currently 12.5 percent

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