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Property Purchase Laws in Turkey

If you are planning to buy a property or a house in Turkey, read this guide to buying a house in Turkey. We recommend that you take a short trip to the city and visit the property and the city before any action. Our partners at Royal Trust Global are proud to arrange a property and city tour for you, which includes your transfer from the airport to your accommodation (hotel or rental property), a visit to the property or properties in question, and Give you a city tour so you can get to know your second country for life. Leave your trip to us if you decide.

A contract or contract for the sale of property

If you decide to buy a property, we will prepare a contract for the sale of the property in accordance with the property purchase laws in Turkey, which is one of the most important steps in buying a house in Turkey. In the case of a property sale contract, such as a property purchase contract in Iran, it includes the name and address of the buyer, name and address of the seller, registration details, number and location of the property, ownership information, and agreed terms such as how to pay the property price. This contract will be arranged in 3 copies and signed by the buyer, Farshandeh and Maximus Company. Our company is responsible for the ownership documents and the seller’s ownership of the property and control of all documents.

Steps to buying a house in Turkey

The method of buying a house in Turkey is that when signing the sale contract, the buyer gives the seller the amount agreed with the seller as an advance payment, which is your first step in buying a property in Turkey and commits to the amount traded at the agreed time. To pay the seller mentioned in the contract. An amount is usually set as a penalty at the time of cancellation of the transaction by either party to the contract.

Only the buyer’s passport is required and according to the notarized power of attorney, the buyer gives our company the power of attorney to transfer the document in the name of the buyer along with the transfer of electricity, water and gas documents. You may need to open a bank account in Turkey. Anyone can open a bank account in Turkey by visiting a bank. You only need a document from your country, such as a bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.) in which your name and home address are written on these bills. Otherwise, after transferring one of the above bills related to the property you bought in Turkey in your name, you will be able to open a bank account in Turkey.

Stages of transfer of property document (Tapu)

At this stage, the guide to buying a house in Turkey and receiving the document will be such that you only need some of its documents to apply for and transfer the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey, and it is also necessary to have a valid passport. . These documents will be prepared by our company in one working day (Monday to Friday).

  1. Official translation of the passport in the Turkish notary public office
  2. Preparing a notarized power of attorney to our company if needed and the buyer wishes
  3. Three pieces of photos
  4. Registration and receipt of tax number (tax tracking code)

Signing a document (Tapu) and official ownership

The steps of transferring the property document are as follows: after receiving these documents, the seller requests the transfer of the document (Tapo) in your name in the registry office and the official documents, and the steps of buying a house in Turkey are completed. According to the previous law on buying property for non-Turkish nationals, in order to purchase a property and obtain a residence permit, they needed to transfer the property document and purchase permit from the Turkish Ministry of Defense in Izmir, which took 6 weeks to obtain. Turkey has changed and it does not take more than 3-6 days to document and you do not need a permit from the Ministry of Defense and you do not need renovation fees. The Turkish government is currently pursuing an open door policy for foreign property investors in Turkey. This will cause more and more such investors to enter Turkey.

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