Culture of the Turkish people

Turkey’s geographical location and proximity to European countries and the presence of many tourists and travelers in Turkey have played an important role in the culture of the Turkish people. In general, Turks are very family friendly, kind and warm-hearted; In addition, the man is considered the head and determinant of the family, and the woman, according to the law, takes her husband’s last name after marriage, and it is interesting to know that having several wives is illegal in Turkey, and marriages must be officially registered in the relevant offices. Religion alone (without legal registration) is illegal, and courtship in Turkey is usually in which girls and boys agree to marry and come to an agreement, and then the families get to know each other and talk about the ceremony. They make important decisions.
The best seasons to travel to Turkey are spring and autumn. In this season, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It can be said that Turkey has four climatic regions, the southern and western coasts with Mediterranean climate, the Black Sea coast with hot summers and temperate and humid winters, the eastern and northeastern parts of Turkey with mountainous climate and Cold and central parts of the Anatolian Plateau with relatively dry continental climates.

Business etiquette in Turkey

Turkish people prefer to work with familiar and respected people; So you need to take the time to build a personal relationship with them. These relationships are usually strengthened in the office environment, at lunch, dinner, and social gatherings. Politeness is very important in business dealings and unlike many cultures, you do not need to be too far away from the audience and you can stand close to them when talking to them. The conversation is very slow and comes with a lot of questions that may have nothing to do with the topic, so you should not urge your audience to focus on the main point; Because it is considered rude.
Be sure to make eye contact when talking; Because in the eyes of the Turkish people, it is a sign of your honesty
The Turkish people are proud of their country and enjoy answering questions about their country’s culture and history, although you should not talk about their country’s political history. Most Turkish men love football and you can easily ask about their favorite team, which will always be accompanied by lively and enthusiastic reactions. Be sure to make eye contact when talking; Because in the eyes of the Turkish people, it is a sign of your honesty.
Turkish men’s and women’s clothing is very conservative, especially in the east of the country. Women should be dressed so that their arms and legs are not visible and men should not wear shorts. In general, men, suits and ladies should wear office clothes. In summer, especially in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, the weather is very hot and humid, so it is okay to wear a shirt and pants without a tie.