Southern Cyprus

330 sunny days a year
Low crime rates
Very high quality of life
Highly developed infrastructure
Attractive mountain and forest landscapes
Very beautiful sandy beaches
Medical system with excellent quality
Education system with excellent quality
Mild winters (temperature between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius)
Summer temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius
Advanced telecommunication network and transportation
Healthy lifestyle with famous Mediterranean products
Has a wide range of sports and entertainment
Hospitality and warm welcome of the locals
Tax paradise

History of Southern Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the oldest places in the world, dating back to the 7th century BC. The identity of Cyprus was formed with the arrival of the Greek Micahs and then the Greeks of Asha. The island consists of 4 main cities; Nicosia is the capital of the island, Larnaca is its historic city and the airport city of the island, Limassol is a port city and Paphos is the youngest city that is growing and developing rapidly.

Paphos City

This city has the best climate and has the most ancient monuments. Paphos has become the most attractive city on the island due to the natural attraction of Akamas. The people of Cyprus are a mix of trading countries of the Mediterranean region. The people of Cyprus are very open and welcoming and are friendly with immigrants. Our people are also smart and intelligent businessmen. Their warm welcome will make you feel at home.
The city of Paphos is also the focus of investors and entrepreneurs, most of whom are from Europe and some from other countries. The international city of Paphos is one of the safest places on the island with its charming areas. It is also one of the best cities on the island to buy property.

Education in Southern Cyprus

The standard of education in Cyprus is high. Schools and universities are at a high level of discipline. The island has several international schools and the city of Paphos has high standard international schools. The main religion of the island is Greek Orthodoxy. Cyprus has beautiful, scenic and historic buildings, as well as historic and newly built churches.

International Relations of Southern Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, a member of the Commonwealth with the United Kingdom, and a member of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Weather in Southern Cyprus

The location of Cyprus at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea has created a unique climate because it is not influenced by the cold and humid climate of the Atlantic Ocean.