Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a Turkish-dominated area in the north of the island of Cyprus. The capital of this region, like Cyprus, is divided between the Turks and the Greeks, and the northern city of Nicosia, called Northern Nicosia, with a population of 50,000, is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Thirty thousand Turkish troops are stationed in this part of the island of Cyprus after the Turkish military occupation of Northern Cyprus.
Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960 and the independent government of Cyprus was established on the basis of the participation of the Turkish and Greek communities in the management of the island, and Britain, Greece and Turkey guaranteed the sovereignty of the Cypriot government. In 1963, representatives of the Turkish minority left the Cypriot government following a dispute over how to implement the agreement, and following a conflict between the two sides, the United Nations sent a peacekeeping force to the island in 1964. Has now been extended. In 1974, the government of Archbishop Makarios, the then President of Cyprus, was overthrown in a coup provoked by the Greek military government, and Turkey, citing its position as a guarantor of Cyprus’ sovereignty, deployed troops in the north, effectively dividing the country. It became an island. The Turkish Cypriot part declared independence in 1983 and renamed itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot language

The people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are Turks, co-roots of the Istanbul Turks, who speak the Turkish Cypriot dialect of the Istanbul Turkish language. The overwhelming majority of the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are Sunni Muslims with a population of 98.71% -99%. A minority of Orthodox Christians and Maronite Christians also live in the country. Cyprus is located off the west coast of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, and the island has always been a meeting place for traders since time immemorial. The island is a piece of paradise, in this unique corner of the Mediterranean Sea, the summers are long and hot, the sun shines more than 300 days every year and the winters are mild with little rain! Northern Cyprus may be just a small country, but it is one of the most economically growing countries in the region. Property in Northern Cyprus.

Easy accommodation conditions in Northern Cyprus

Individuals intending to immigrate or reside in Northern Cyprus for a period of more than 6 months per year must apply for a residence permit. To obtain residency through the purchase of a property in Cyprus, they must Accompany our representative to the registration and tax offices and register the property in the name of the buyer or buyers. The issuance of residence permits is in no way subject to the permanent presence of persons in Northern Cyprus and the compulsion to live here, and the buyer may leave or enter Northern Cyprus at any time and at any time. Similarly, some people leave Cyprus to buy property and take up residence, leaving the house for annual rent.